Leading local and international research that has been used to guide CAYAD projects is available here.

Community Action

2003 Community Project Indicators Framework

Greenaway and Witten - Meta-analysing community action projects in Aotearoa New Zealand

Harold Holder research - Community Prevention of Alcohol Problems

Hawkins - Promoting science-based prevention in communities

Moodie et al. - Profits and Pandemics

Community Action versus Community Development (debatable distinctions table)


World Health Organisation 2015 - Young People and Alcohol A Resource Book.pdf

Alcohol and Drug Policies and Practices - Research on Sports Clubs in New Zealand

Babor Table - Effectiveness of strategies to reduce harm from alcohol

Other Drugs

New Zealand Arrestee Drug Use Monitoring (NZ-ADUM) 2010-2015 Report

Recent trends in illegal drug use in New Zealand: Findings from the 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 Illicit Drug Monitoring System

Wilkins et al - Conviction and Sentencing for Cannabis Use Offences in New Zealand, 1990-2008

Wilkins - National Police Apprehensions for Cannabis Offences in New Zealand, 1999-2008

Rangatahi - Youth

Freeman (Regional Public Health) - When One Door Closes: Improving outcomes for students excluded from school