New Social Supply Research from Massey

If the potential $2000 fine isn’t enough motivation, Massey University has released new evidence to support action in your community to reduce the supply of alcohol to minors by older friends. Please read the full story here.

Some startling facts drawn from the project:

  • Young suppliers reported they felt an obligation to supply alcohol, as they were supplied it by others when they were younger. “Taking a stand to break this cycle could make a real difference to the experience of alcohol related harm by those under 18,” says Professor Casswell.

  • Over 70 per cent of the suppliers reported that the alcohol they had supplied to people under 18 had caused some harms, including drunkenness and vomiting, absence from school, physical fights, arrest, injury requiring hospital treatment, sexual assault and, in one community, two deaths were reported.

  • The young suppliers (aged 18-22) interviewed supplied large amounts of alcohol to younger friends, on average the equivalent of 8-10 cans of ready-to-drink (RTDs) beverages, and the majority had not received permission from the parents of those under 18.

Read the executive summary from the report.